Greys Anyomy Role Play Group
OOC : I could seriously need to RP right now.. I need to think about something else than this whole situation… :(

McDreamy just arrived on Tumblr ! Follow him here ;)


If anyone wants to roleplay, I’m on Meredith !

I’m bored. I hope that my people will be on soon so we can start the RP ! Inbox me here or on Meredith if you come !

Casting calls for Mark Sloan !

We need Mark Sloan, his Lexie is waiting for him !

You love Mark Sloan and always wanted to be part of an amazing adventure ?

Send the audition on the Audition part, a paragraph, your name etc.. 


Cristina is Re-Opened !

Hey guys :)

I updated the roles so Derek Shepherd and Calliope Torres are closed (the URL are coming soon !). Keep applying, this group needs to be active ! 

Cristina Yang is opened again as in the end the person wanting to make her was too busy, which I can understand. So come on, Meredith needs her person as soon

as she can !! :)


Goodnight people ;) you made my night tonight <3. I’ll update everything tomorrow and start roleplaying with you all :)
Callie is closed !

An amazing person took the role ! :) I’ll make a post with the links tomorrow after a nice night !

Its 1:30AM here and I have a yet. So tomorrow I’ll be on vacation so I’ll be able to update the roles ! ;)

Derek is taken ! We found an amazing roleplayer who sent the most perfect audition :)

Im on my phone and I can’t inbox somehow :/ so inbox me I have just a few questions :) 

The role is yours :)

Follow Meredith !

Follow our Meredith, she’s waiting for her Derek to appear !!